Surrogate Parent Information

SELPA/LEA Surrogate Parent Guideline Review

What is a Surrogate Parent?

Qualified community members (nonemployees or those with a potential conflict of interest) who will be acting as a student’s representative or “parent” at an individualized educational planning meeting (IEP) when a student does not have a parent, guardian or conservator; or the student’s parent, guardian or conservator cannot be located or is a ward of the court, homeless or in temporary placement situations (i.e. foster or group homes).

The law (CFR Title 34, Sect. 30 & Cal Ed Code) requires the SELPA and the LEA maintains a list of surrogate parents who have the ability to understand and relate to the student’s disability and needs, demonstrate cultural and socio-economic sensitivity, reside a reasonable travel time to and from the school or location of the student.

SELPA/LEA processes:
Step 1:  SELPA/LEA identifies community member through SELPA & LEA Special Education surrogate parent recruitment efforts (website CAC, flyers, brochures, parent organizations, etc.)

Step 2:  Qualified volunteer completes the SELPA/LEA Surrogate Parent Application Form and submits to SELPA Director/LEA Spec Ed Director.

Step 3:  SELPA/LEA Special Education reviews application forms, and responds to applicant through notification of appointment and  submits SELPA forms to governance councils.

Step 4: Surrogate Parent training is provided at SELPA office and content certification form placed on file, proof of TB clearance and fingerprint clearance (as required) is one file at LEA.

Step 5  : SELPA/LEA Director Special Education evaluates surrogate assignment in terms of their parent activities and recommends re-appointment or possible change in surrogate status.


Surrogate Parent Application