Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Consultant

Jason Harper 

(310) 680 - 5770 ext.5816

Southwest SELPA is committed to helping families and schools solve problems and conflicts in the fastest, easiest way.  As part of this commitment, we are proud to offer the following services: 

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Staff / Parent Trainings 

Workshops and training to support collaboration, positive communication and resolution of conflict.  


Informal Resolution Sessions 

A problem solving meeting between parents and the school with the help of a neutral facilitator. The resolution session would occur before the filing of due process. Also, this may occur by telephone calls from a facilitator to the district and parents.  


Facilitated IEPs 

Impartial facilitation of the Individualized Education Plan process. This is used when the district, school or parents need assistance to reach mutual agreement. 


Pre and Post-Filing Mediation 

Mediation session before or after filing for due process. SELPA will facilitate meetings prior to state level legal proceedings. 


The ADR Services at SW SELPA provide individuals an opportunity to resolve disagreements in a safe, positive, and efficient manner. The three main characteristics of the program are: 

  1. Voluntary. All who participate must come of their own volition to ensure that they are open to finding common ground in an effort to move through conflict. 

  2. Confidential. With the exception of trainings, all ADR services are confidential unless all parties agree otherwise. 

  3. Educational. We are providing a service that makes for a positive environment for people to learn and grow. In our meetings, people can feel free to ask questions without fear of judgement and learn from their mistakes.